Fengarion - Mirelle Galoghiris Award

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Discover the winner of the 2016 edition.

Access to education for 30 exploited or sexually-abused girls in Guatemala

by Casa Alianza Suisse


Illustration of the project

In Guatemala, domestic violence is a serious problem particularly against children, teenagers and women. La Alianza is one of the two existing institutions in the country providing care to children victims of trafficking, exploitation and sexual violence. La Alianza provide protection and shelter with a methodology for comprehensive care and education is a key component of the rehabilitation programme.

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1152 votes
1st position

Safe and Healthy Living Conditions for Migrant Children in India

by Aide et Action Suisse

Bhopal, India

Illustration of the project

We are present at Indian work sites to provide care and protection to 5'000 children between the age of 0 and 8. Two years ago, Aide et Action created care and learning centres for these children, called Child Care Learning Centres (CCLCs).

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1117 votes
2nd position

Reception Center for 100 Unaccompanied Minors in Greece

by Médecins du Monde - Grèce

Peania, Greece

Illustration of the project

MDM Greece Accommodation Centre for unaccompanied minors . In the mist of social, economic crisis and refugee crisis in Greece, MDM Greece is implementing a new accommodation center for vulnerable population groups, and more specifically unaccompanied minors (UAM’s)

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599 votes
3rd position

300 Shepherd kids in Burkina Faso go to school and learn a profession

by Enfants du Monde

Sanmatenga, Burkina Faso

Illustration of the project

In Burkina Faso, going to school or coming out of it equipped with life competencies is a challenge, especially for children living in rural areas. Daughters and sons of shepherds and farmers follow their family during the transhumance of the herd or need to help their parents work in the fields.

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215 votes
4th position
For the humankind, but also for all life on earth to improve, education and empowerment of the underprivileged is a must. Knowledge based on education and training apprenticeships are essential for human beings to have a chance of fulfilment of their lives, enjoyment and respect of the environment they live in. These knowledge tools should be free from political and religious influences and based on the morals of the UN chart of human rights. The need is seen primarily, but not solely, in underdeveloped and developing countries and mainly for children in need and uneducated and unempowered mothers.Mireille Caloghiris


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