Fengarion - Mirelle Galoghiris Award

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Discover the winner of the 2017 edition.

School is a right for ALL

by Chaba

Amphur Mae Rim, Thailand

Illustration of the project

Projet de soutien pour la scolarisation des enfants et des adolescents domiciliés loin des structures scolaires et réaménagement d’une résidence pour élèves venant de régions éloignées

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1004 votes
1st position

Taizako: Early Childhood Education in Madagascar

by Aide et Action Suisse

Antananarivo Avaradrano District, Madagascar

Illustration of the project

A project for the development of early childhood in Madagascar, giving 440 young children access to education.

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763 votes
2nd position

Rural and urban citizen communities for peace

by Association Duchamps-Libertino

Village of Diaki, Territory of Kasangulu, District Lukaya, Province of Central Kongo and Commune of Matete, Kinshasa.

Illustration of the project

Educational programme for the peace and empowerment of fragile populations

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569 votes
3rd position

Access to primary education for the children of fishermen communities at Lake Victoria

by Nouvelle Planète

Mugomba, Mpatta sub-district, Uganda

Illustration of the project

Construction of five classrooms for the Mugomba UMEA primary school in Uganda.

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257 votes
4th position
For the humankind, but also for all life on earth to improve, education and empowerment of the underprivileged is a must. Knowledge based on education and training apprenticeships are essential for human beings to have a chance of fulfilment of their lives, enjoyment and respect of the environment they live in. These knowledge tools should be free from political and religious influences and based on the morals of the UN chart of human rights. The need is seen primarily, but not solely, in underdeveloped and developing countries and mainly for children in need and uneducated and unempowered mothers.Mireille Caloghiris


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