Fengarion - Mirelle Galoghiris Award


The details of the Award and introduction of Mireille Caloghiris

The award

Welcome to the fourth edition of the “Fengarion Mireille Caloghiris Award”. Every year, the best project published on Fengarion.org in the education section will win the award.

The Fengarion association promotes public participation and transparency, and as a result opens the online voting to everyone. The project earning the most votes will be awarded the prize of 5000 CHF. The award for the second best project will be financed by sales of tickets for the ceremony. It is estimated to be around 1500 CHF.

In this fourth edition, the online voting will be open from 15 October noon to 15 November 2017 (last votes at 11:59 am).

Mireille Caloghiris

Mireille Caloghiris

Mireille Caloghiris was a teacher, a philanthropist and an artist. For the last 20 years, she had been expressing her generosity by giving away her paintings in support of children care associations and foundations.

Mireille participated into more than 70 art exhibitions in Europe, North America and Asia.

A few milestones:

  • 1994 Paris art fair
  • 2000 Sotheby's auction in favour of an orphanage in Hong Kong
  • 2003 Exhibition supporting the “Clair Bois” foundation in Versoix (Switzerland)
  • 2009 Yves Merrer Prize for socially active artists
  • 2010 Exhibition supporting “Easter Seals” in Wilmington, USA

Since her return to Geneva in 2011, Mireille had exhibited her artworks with Fengarion to support projects by Enfants du Monde, Aide et Action, Médecins du Monde and Croix-Rouge genevoise.

Sadly, Mireille passed away in August 2016. Her philanthropic action continues thanks to the generous support of her husband, Terry Caloghiris.

Nomination process

Before the online voting opens, a jury composed of Fengarion’s committee and Terry Caloghiris nominates four projects among those published on Fengarion.org. The quality of the project description and the quality of the communication build the selection criteria.

The four nominated projects are then submitted to online public voting on this website for a whole month. The association owning the project that earns the most votes will be awarded the “Fengarion Mireille Caloghiris Award” in amount of 5000 CHF.


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